Brent Faiyaz and Drake Aren’t “Wasting Time” on Foolish Things

As readers may know, I usually try to stay away from writing about mainstream music on SOTB because you’ve got your DJBooths, HNHHs and other larger sites dedicated to that. It’s how I’ve been able to amass the following I have over the past few years of the reboot. That said, I still listen to mainstream music and will champion it if it’s good. For example, Tyler, the Creator’s CMIYGL is a modern-day masterpiece and his features on there were amazing–including a surprise from NBA YoungBoy. Today’s mainstream song of the day features DMV native Brent Faiyaz, so it still counts towards me putting on for my region.

Justification aside, he’s got a new song and I enjoyed it.

“Wasting Time” features Faiyaz front and center aided by a Drake feature. Some have said it’s the combo they didn’t know they needed, but are glad they got. It’s a smooth, sexy jam that sounds like a classic Neptunes track The reasoning behind that is two-fold. First, The Neptunes handled the production on it. Secondly, Faiyaz has a nice voice that reminds me here of a mix between Pharrell and Miguel.

Rap-wise, Drake gives us a decent Drake verse with a few quotables–as I’m sure someone’s going to quote “let’s flush the magnums so they can’t collect my specimen” this summer, somewhere in the world. This return to rap that Drake’s been on over the last year or so has been nice as I grew tired of him harmonizing and singing on every single. That said, Brent Faiyaz is the star of the show here and even a solid Drake feature doesn’t detract from that fact. Check out the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms–and just because it’s mainstream doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad.

Speed on the Beat

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