3D The Boss Presents “Sneaky Peeky”

When the guitar licks from Atlanta collective 3D The Boss’s “Sneaky Peeky” started, I immediately thought “hey, this sounds a bit like a Prince song.” It’s playful in a sexy sort of way (it doesn’t go into crass territory, but clearly has its mind set in innuendo mode), the instrumentation is funky and the overall vibe here screams “this was inspired by Prince in some way.” That’s not to say that it’s Prince-lite. No, it’s Prince-like but still manages to become its own thing.

The group describes itself and health and fitness pop that delves into self-care a great deal. I can see that clearly from the visuals and the song. It talks about sexuality as a normal part of life, not something to be ashamed of or to just be thrown out there just because. There’s an air of confidence on the song, one that screams “yes, I’m a sexual being. But I’m more than that as well.” Overall, it’s a solid track, one that makes me want to check out its parent project, Push It. Peep the visuals below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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