Kev Haven Searches for Angels on New Song

Kev Haven’s latest, “Angels,” is a powerful track, one that stands on its own. I love the piano-heavy instrumentation and the fact that Haven employs a bit of Auto-Tune in a Lil Baby on “Emotionally Scarred” sort of way. I’m a big Lil Baby fan, so I’m here for people who remind me of him.

It’s a bit of gospel mixed in with the dark realities of life for a young Baltimorean in 2021. Haven talks about the negatives, but shows that he’s aiming to rise above that with the help of the angels in his life. He’s praying for himself and others around him, but knows that there’s darkness that could catch him if he’s not careful. In some ways, it’s the perfect track to feature here today. It doesn’t feature a bunch of negativity towards women or “I’m a gunslinger” lyricism and has a lot of positivity instead. In a world that can get dark quicker than quick, it’s great to have some light mixed in and some positivity pouring in and out of the music as well.

Check out the track below via Spotify and remember to support dope music in all of its forms.

For more on Kev, visit his Linktree below

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