Kev Haven Marries Melody with Talent and Preparation on New “Angels” Single

When you feel alone, just remember there’s an angel/
When you slip and fall, just remember there’s an angel”

Baltimore’s Kev Haven is no stranger to the grind, and has consistently put out music reflecting his steadfast nature as his funds and stature simultaneously ascend. The adept Baltimore producing, rapping and songwriting creative comes every season with new material enough to satisfy fans and mark his journey, with his newest single “Angels” being no different.

The intro’s melody grips the listener in the first few moments, showing Kev Haven’s consistent attention to detail with song making rather than simply hoping on a track immediately to spit. Also consistent is Haven’s storytelling: “Angels” sounds like a candid letter to his kinfolk to those estranged from his life via the natural throngs of life or by his own design. Haven melodically barrels through the track in a fashion that is not regretful about his situation but rather explaining how the state of being is when you’re ducked off and about your biz.

“I’m your only son so I gotta watch my back while keeping patient”

A significant segment of the single is dedicated to Kev Haven’s mother, explaining to her about his grind and solitude being necessary towards his success and fulfilling the dreams she has had for him rather than the perception of him spiraling. Haven is winning the game on his own terms with angels behind him, and it’s all love. 

You can stream the single on multiple streaming platforms, such as Apple Music. You can also follow Kev Haven @BabyHaven__ on Twitter and @kev_haven on Instagram to see his continued saga.


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