MOOSH’s “Blackberry” is Equal Parts Sweet and Zesty

MOO$H’s latest track, “Blackberry,” grabbed my attention because it had serious Bas and Cole vibes. As I listened to him skate over the beat, I imagined “The Jackie” as if it was done more like “The London” and was thoroughly impressed with the combination. That said, the track manages to be its own thing even as it reminds me of more-established artists. What helps it stand out the most is that MOO$H is lyrically sound while still understanding how to write a catchy hook–something some artists struggle with these days; either they’ll have a fire hook or dope lyrics, but oftentimes not both. Thankfully, to me, MOO$H accomplishes both with ease to make a solid early-fall anthem. Check out the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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