Prox Centauri Discusses Duality on “Leitmotifs”

A leitmotif is a short, repeating phrase that is connected to a specific person, place or idea. One could say that, for instance, “support dope music in all its forms” is the SOTB leitmotif; it keeps imploring readers to check out what I’m writing about.

Michigan’s Prox Centauri, on his latest album, Mending What’s Broken: Odes for Stalwart Days and Fearless Nights, understood the assignment and presented list listeners and viewers with the single “Leitmotifs.” Over a piano-heavy boombap beat, Prox both goes a bit existentialistic and keeps it real about his journey while also discussing the duality of man. It’s a beautiful song/visual that’s catchy as well as thought-provoking. The chorus may get stuck in your head just as much as the lessons he’s preaching on here.

The video marks the first time Prox has handled most of the videography on his own. In fact, it’s actually his first music video, period. Judging from the literal leitmotifs presented in the video, you’d think he’s been at this for a while. Between the possible symbolism of autumn representing the changing of man and man’s duality (since autumn isn’t exactly hot, nor is it cold) and the tightness of each shot, it’s an experience that serves to heighten the song and Mending What’s Broken as a whole. Check out the video (and its parent project) above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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