Neolithic is “Sick” of Substance Abuse and A Devolving Relationship

Neolithic’s “Sick” featuring SoloTheProducer delves into the artist’s psyche when it comes to using and misusing substances. While he does this, he also provides a story about a deteriorating relationship, possibly made worse due to the substances. This relationship also seems to double as a proxy for trying to recover from abuse, since Neolithic and Solo have “blocked” the other person–and they’ve blocked the duo right back–while trying to be better than they were.

It’s a powerful song which is aided by the piano-heavy instrumental. It sounds like Neolithic is at a smoke-filled bar. And while he’s singing out his regrets, the audience takes puff after puff of cigarettes and swirl their whiskey in their glasses. The imagery in this song is very poignant and creates a story of regret but also one of struggle. Check out the track above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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