Zoe Hines Presents “The Night Before Seasonal Depression” Video

Zoe Hines’ “The Night Before Seasonal Depression” video plays like this. The first part of the video (“Teen Wolf”) is reminiscent of a Dej Loaf track, in that it’s boisterous and full of turn-up energy but also has a dark undertone to it. The second part of the video plays as if Coi Leray made some Spooky Szn songs, down to the whisper-singing employed on the second half of the video (“Blood Moon”) and the liberal use of ad libs and repeated phrases. It works here because everything here is about the visuals first and the songs second.

The songs are solid, mind you. However, the videography is what’ll keep you entranced. In fact, Zoe Hines’ video seems to pull influence from sources such as the legendary “Thriller” video all the way down to the Child’s Play series. Add in the title and you’re given a duo of songs that celebrate the last days before things literally get darker. Be that because of Daylight Savings Time ending, Demon Time extending beyond just starring in an OnlyFans video or because Seasonal Depression hits us all differently, one thing is for sure. The days are getting shorter and darker, while the nights are getting colder and longer.

If you do choose to turn up this weekend, be sure you keep your eyes peeled for real-life spooky vibes, don’t drink and drive, and watch all the scary movies your heart can handle. Check out the spooky visuals to “The Night Before Seasonal Depression” above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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