Anayka She Talks About Her “Love” on New Song

I’m usually not the type who’ll fawn over flips of 90s R&B tracks–unless they’re more than just a cheap loop. I’ve been that way about Hitmaka flips and I’ll feel that way about lesser known artists. For me, it’s like “if you can’t make something new with the chop, don’t do it just for nostalgia’s sake.”

“My Love” by Anayka She, for instance, takes “Candy Rain” and turns it on its head. Yes, the sample is still recognizable. However, it takes a “sweet” song and turns it into a track about how love can turn into an obsessional sort of thing. She wants her lover to think about her 24/7, just as she does them. This twist on the typical love song is as scary and dark as it is sonically pleasing and tender.

It also helps that Anayka She has a beautiful voice. Vocally, she kind of reminds me of SZA or Summer Walker. If you’re fans of theirs, this one should also be right up your proverbial alley. Check out the hauntingly beautiful “My Love” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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