Nova Lush Gives Some Sensuality on Pillow Talk

I’m always a fan of mature sensuality over raunchy sexuality. That said, when sensuality and a decent amount of not-as-raunchy sexuality blend together, such as on Nova Lush’s “Pillow Talk,” you’re given a ride like a wild, sweat-filled night of passion. It helps that Lush’s voice is, well, lush, beautiful and playful without sounding dangerously horny (that’s a skill, if you’re not aware).

The two-and-a-half minute song reminds me of a Tamia song in that she sounds like Tamia down to the phrasing of certain words. When she coos “you make me pillow talk when you’re inside of me,” you may blush a little due to the bluntness. However, you’ll more than likely smile and know exactly where she’s coming from. I mean, speaking from experience here, but mindblowing sex (and not just in a physical way) makes you do some wild things. Canada knows how to make its R&B, for sure, and Nova Lush is another example of that skillset done well. Check out the sensual “Pillow Talk” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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