Polodoore and ASM Talk About the Hourglass

Producer Polodoore decided to collaborate with French-residing duo ASM to drop “Hourglass.” This one is a boombap-era track about the past and how we often look back on it and wax poetic and wish we could go back. However, we sometimes let our love of the past hold us back from seeing our futures and our presents.

It’s a solid track, one that made me bob my head as much as it made me rewind it to hear the smooth soul sample. Songs like these (tracks with deep meanings, boombap and otherwise) are the reason why I started recording and writing. Everything doesn’t have to be boombap for me to love it, but it does need to have a semblance of a soul for me to listen to it.

Check out “Hourglass” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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