Mar1sol Wants to Move on In RIP These Feelings

Mar1asol’s “RIP These Moments” is a smooth jam that discusses love in the pandemic. That is, it talks about a relationship where the energy is not matched. It’s a simple idea which is made whole because of her singing voice and the lyrics.

This lack of energy is possibly due to a decreased amount of face-to-face interaction. However, it’s mainly due to the other person not giving the same energy Mar1asol is. She’s up here asking her partner to provide her with love and the whole nine, but they’re like “eh, I’m good.” In the 2020s, it’s becoming easier to see when the energies don’t match in a relationship. Especially with relationships becoming digital due to the pandemic and numerous dating apps, it’s a bit easier to see when that energy you give isn’t matched. It still doesn’t make it easier to deal with heartache, but the overall process has eased a bit.

Sonically, the vocals are strong and the boombap-esque production combine to create a powerful song about love and love lost. It’s definitely a track I’d recommend to someone going through it romantically. Check out “RIP These Feelings” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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