Roqy Tyraid Goes In on Grime Freestyle

I’ve quickly become familiar with Roqy Tyraid’s scorching lyricism over the last few weeks. This one is no different from the other tracks I’ve heard from him—and I mean that in the dopest way possible.

The brother doesn’t bend lyrically for anyone, even if that sometimes gets him the ire of faux revolutionaries and the like. In fact, I had to make a difficult decision myself about one of his tracks recently. Thankfully, this one? It got the SOTB go-ahead from myself, so we can hear it here (I know that made only a smidge of sense; just go with it). That said, this freestyle features the Phoenix rapper/activist/revolutionary going at Insta-protestors, the government, those who act as if they support Black lives and even manages to wrap the Netflix series Squid Game into a multilayered analogy for the state of affairs in America and abroad. He attacks the wealthy for looking down their noses at the rest of the country, all while never losing sight of his Blackness and his goals.

Overall, this Tyraid Tuesday freestyle has me excited to see what the brother has to offer in the coming weeks and months. If it’s anything like what I’ve heard of him thus far, he’s going to piss some people off but make them think at the same time. Check out the freestyle above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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