Tai Marie Sings About Heartbreak on “Damages”

Tai Marie’s “Damages,” from a purely sonic aspect, reminds me of a mix between the multifaceted Carter Marie and the multifaceted SZA. I think it has something to do with her layered vocals Tai displays on this one. Plus, her vocal range is around the same as Carter’s. If you like either one of those artists, I feel you’ll like this one. If you like your alternative R&B with a soulful edge, this is a great song for you.

The best thing about “Damages” is that it takes a simple and to-the-point R&B beat and breathes new life into it. That’s to say, without her singing this one, I don’t know if this song would’ve moved me as much. I would’ve loved to hear a third verse or a bridge back into the chorus (I’m old-school like that). However, Tai knew that too much of a good thing can ruin it for the fans. Because of this, she ended after the second chorus, instead opting to have her voice cut through the outro at key points. That choice makes it appear as if her conscience is telling her to leave the relationship even though her heart doesn’t exactly want to make the move. That’s just my interpretation, mind you, so I could be offbase here. Written by L.C. Crawford and produced by Grammy Winner Jon-John Robinson (you may know him from some of your favorite ’90s DITC R&B jams and the slow jam “Let’s Do It Again,” the TLC cut from CrazySexyCool), “Damages” is a ballad for the brokenhearted–and those who’re dealing with damaging relationships.

In any case, check out “Damages” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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