Young DC Lets It Be Known That There’s More to Him than Just Flash

I’ll be completely honest. If this was any other day, I probably would’ve passed on Young DC’s “More to Me.” That’s not because it’s a bad song, though. In fact, it’s got a lot of bop potential. It’s just that it’s got a heavy mainstream feel to it. Today was different, as I heard it and I felt it. It’s probably because, while DC raps about being iced out and having the most-impressive stuff, he lets it be known that he’s more than just money, hot sex and cold wine.

To keep the Wayne comparisons going, this one features a lot of multisyllabic rhymes for it to be as mainstream as it is. What I mean is that he could’ve been simple on the under-two-minute song. The beat is undeniably good, so he could’ve just spat some BS on it and it still would’ve fit. However, he chose to actually rap-rap while still carrying a melodic flow throughout the track. Add all that together and you’ve got a hit, even if I would’ve loved a third verse. Again, I’m old-school like that. With that in mind, though, I look forward to what the Chicago native has to offer next.

Check out “More to Me” below and support dope music in all its forms.

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