Dempsey Bolton Wonders If You Should Love Him

On a song that reminds me a bit of what’d happen if The Weeknd and Blackbear would duet, Dempsey Bolton questions the motives–and perhaps the sanity–of a person who is in love with him. It walks that fine line between cautionary tale and self-depreciating goodness. Yes, I know what I said.

However, hear me out.

There are certain songs that make their singer/rapper/producer seem like a terrible person to be with. Some of these songs do such a good job at it, you’re rooting for the other person to come to their damn senses. Dempsey Bolton’s latest is one of those sorts of tracks, to me. It’s a great song and it’s sonically strong. However, the narrative Bolton gives us is “I’m not that great, so run away before I hurt you or you get hurt because of your own dumbassness.” It’s hypnotizing in its approach, which is probably another reason why I chose to highlight it on SOTB.

Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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