Kay Greyson Presents Over and Over

On Kay Greyson’s newest song, “Over and Over,” the UK rapper attacks a chipmunk soul beat that sounds like something the JUSTICE LEAGUE would’ve produced. Produced by upcoming producer Johnny Newman, this one is full of a feel-good energy while still providing hard-hitting lyricism. When this one was submitted to me, I was told that if I like Little Simz, I’ll like this one. Well, I have to admit: I do see the musical resemblance; however, Greyson manages to become her own thing on this one as well.

While the hook has Greyson saying that she’ll make her audience feel good (over and over), the verses are very motivational and present Greyson as an artist who’s not going to go anywhere. That confidence spills all over the track. Because of that confidence, we get an anthem for the underdogs and the strugglers all at once. She understands that not everything on the come-up will be sunshine, and she puts that into each and every bar she spits on this one. This one is perfect for your workout playlists and your “I take no shit” playlists as well. Check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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