On “Music Box,” DC’s Splizzard Attacks the Beat

I’m always here for DMV-based music, from go-go to club and everything in between. That’s because I’ve found that the DMV has a lot of diverse talent. On “Music Box,” DC artist Splizzard hops on a Tech N9ne-esque cinematic beat to showcase his skill and his differentiation from your average rapper. Even while he fires off warnings to his opposition, the brother does so in a way that isn’t (just) I’m going to off you if you eff with my team or money.

Additionally, Splizzard’s flow is what kept me entertained and focused in on this one. His bars are great. However, his flow matches the beat quite well and adds a bit of a sinister twist to the track. He’s ready to attack anything that stands in his way, whether it be man-made or otherwise. I’m here for tracks that showcase lyrical ability and also showcase a why with regards to why a listener should devote time to a track. Check out the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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