Epic Ruffin and ERVN Present Belaire

Over a piano-heavy instrumental, Floridian Epic Ruffin’s gruff flow details a trying time in his life. Between COVID, hood politics, the government and people unjustly killing each other, the brother makes the song cry for certain while also paying homage to the ones he’s lost over the years. I love the chorus because it’s a mix between Auto-Tuned hip-hop and like an early 2000s rap track, in the way Ruffin sing-raps the hook over the piano and an emotive guitar. It’s a solid track, one that makes me need more of Ruffin’s flows in my life. However, it’s also a celebratory song, even among the heartache. He wants to win and wants to bring everyone who isn’t there to see him shine with him, so he pours out the bottle and lets everyone bathe in his success.

It’s one of those songs that, unless you’ve been in his situation, you may not get it. But that’s okay, as everything isn’t for everyone. However, this one is guaranteed to get you thinking about at least one person who’s no longer here and how you want to celebrate in their honor. Check out the track below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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