GEEK Presents “EGGO”

GEEK previously came across my desk with the song “Chicken Wing,” which was featured on my IG not too long ago. Today, I’ve got another one from the rapper. This one is entitled “EGGO.”

“EGGO” is a fun run with lyrics aplenty and bountiful punchlines. This one is a bit different from “Chicken Wing” because, while both “Wing” and “EGGO” delve deep into the lyrical bag, this one’s a bit more bop-friendly (to me, that is). It’s gritty to a point, but it’s also a chilled-out record that includes a decent amount of shit-talking which GEEK proceeds to back up with his bars (it’s only bragging if you can’t back it up). I can’t really put my finger on a comparison for you all to say “if you like XYZ, you’ll like this” because he’s got the lyricism of a latter-day Em mixed with DaBaby and the beat sounds like something Logic would hop on. If you like any of those three artists, you’ll probably love this one. If not, it’s still distinct enough that it doesn’t sound like he ripped anyone off at all.

Check out the track below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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