SOTBMusic Quickies, Vol. 4 12/10/21

It’s Friday. You know what that means. I’m a bit late today, but here’re this week’s SOTBMusic Quickies.

303 – “Leaving”

I got introduced to this one via SubmitHub and its throwback vocals, which give me Xscape vibes for me. The trio of 303 are a newer act, but one that should have a long career if they continue this route. Their vocals are smooth and their songwriting team here has worked with some big names, such as Little Mix. The emotions on this one? Yes, give me more 303. The production sounds like some 90s “I’m fed up” R&B as well, so, since I’m a sucker for throwback vibes, this one was right up my alley.

Alana Maria – “Wait/Pause” (feat. Cristale)

As you may know, I’m not a huge fan of drill. Like, I like it enough, but I’m not going to trip over myself most of the time to discuss it. However, there was something about the way that the drill genre was blended with R&B on Alana Maria’s “Wait/Pause” that grabbed my attention. I think it’s that, even with the drill vibe, this one has Jhene Aiko vibes as well (and we’ve got to give Jhene her flowers for switching up the R&B genre in some ways). Cristale’s verse has a lot of multisyllabic rhymes. She could’ve came soft, but both artists chose to give it their all and the song’s better for it.

Adam et al. – “Chasing the Casket”

When someone compares themselves to Spitta and Open Mike Eagle, you’ve got my attention. On Adam et al.’s “Chasing the Casket” delves into mental health, the chase for money (and its negative effects) and a bevy of different topics. I love the beat on this one, but I also love the flow Adam exhibits here. It’s a bit laidback, kind of like OME or an era blog rap-era artist (think Cool Kids or even backpacker Drake), but also abrasive and confrontational–in the sense that he’s challenging you to do more than just spend your cash frivolously.

A.N.I. – “Live to See”

This one gives me Blu from Below the Heavens energies. That’s enough to grab my attention. Then the funky instrumentation? I love this one and love the chorus, as it’s got a neo-soul vibe to it. If you’re into songs that speak on trying to gain your best life that’re done in a way that’s reminiscent of The Roots meets Blu? Yeah, this one’s for you.

Louie Letdown – “Flavors” (feat. The River)

This one here? It gives me Mac on KIDS vibes, in that it’s a cry for the good old days that sounds a bit upbeat (but really isn’t as much when you get to the nitty-gritty of it). Louie states that this one is about how he and his cohort traded their innocence and video game love for addictions and other ills (and how they want the throwback feelings back). The hook and bridge help tie things together even more. Like I said, it’s a sad song that sounds upbeat, one that may make you think about your own choices.

Austin Fox – “lacca’s LOB” (feat. rose the firebreather)

This one here, though, gives me Mach-Hommy and Noname vibes. It’s lyrical AF, but also laidback and kind of more on a spoken word tip than just rapping rapping. I’m also a big fan of the beat. As you all should know by now, samples usually automatically get a look from me–especially when they’re executed as well as this one is. This track features on Austin’s Ranger396v album, which, from what I’ve heard thus far, is dope as hell.

The.wav – “Diamond in the Trenches”

Tanzanian artist The.wav channels early Weeknd harmonies and melodies to tell his redemption/rebirth story. In 2019, wav suffered a seizure and, per his own write-up, his community and fans switched up a bit on him. This one, however, is also a declaration of “I’m back and I’m not going anywhere.” The beat lends itself well to wav’s vocals.

Do the thing and support dope music in all its forms. Have a great weekend, but you’ll probably be hearing from me again before Monday.

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