BurrLin Gets “Cryptic” on New Track

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not as up on crypto as I possibly should be. I’ve got some money in Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum–along with a few other ones I’ve gotten over the years. That said, good music is good music.

BurrLin’s “Cryptic” is just that. Though it dabbles in the crypto world more than I’ll ever, the bars are solid, the visuals double as an purchasable NFT and the song as a whole is a bop. I think it’s also that BurrLin’s vocals are like a mix between Pop Smoke’s gruffness and Lil Baby when he attacks the beat without giving it much room to breathe. That’s a good thing, by the way, because Pop and Baby are two of my favorites out of this most-recent generation.

Check out “Cryptic” below and support dope music in all its forms.

(Ed. Note: Please note that my posting of this song is advocating on it as a work of art, not as financial advice. Do what you feel’s best in that arena and/or consult knowledgeable individuals before engaging in any investments)

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