SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 19, 1/31/22

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you had the chance to enjoy this weekend, even if it was a bit chillier than usual. I’m ready to kick off this week in style with–what else–a new Quickies volume. Unlike Tom Brady, you don’t need to worry about if I’m retiring or not. As long as I have breath in my body, the desire to hear good music that isn’t just my own and the ability to write, I’ll be here.

Junaswon & MXE – “Come Thru”

Japan and the UK link up on this slow burner by songstress MXE and producer Junaswon. The production brings to mind 1990s R&B and the vocals remind me of 2010s R&B. That mix creates a sensual vibe that you can play around your special someone. If you’ve got someone and you’re feeling up to it, you should call them over this week and spend some time together–however you can.

Tatonic & TONYG – “Loco”

Over a guitar-centric beat that started life as a reggae song for Tatonic, rapper TONYG raps about the dream. Said dream is making it in the business, even against people’s negative energy/thoughts. I’m here for this one, mainly because it’s kind of out there sonically but also just bars on top of bars. TONYG’s flow has an old-school feel to it, which I also appreciate.

Tatso-De_Taste – “Dopamine Freestyle”

23-year-old South African rapper Tatso-De_Taste also has a sort of old-school feel to his “Dopamine Freestyle.” That is, he’s rapping about making it in a sea of sharks and guppies all the same. He’s got punchlines that are pretty solid and his lyrics have some pain to them as well. He wants to be where he’s destined to be, and he wants to be there now. I love the boombap beat he used for this one as well.

Awon & Padre Toxico – “Premium”

A smoother track than the previous two, “Premium” is one of those “let’s groove and vibe” sorts of tracks. Lyrically, it’s sound and has bars. But the best part, for me, is the instrumental. It’s one of those throwback beats, but one that sounds pretty brand-new as well. I like that this one ends with some cuts and chops as I’m a sucker for cuts and chops on older-sounding beats. They’re speaking my language on this one.

Osmojam – “Home”

Paris, France singer/author/producer Osmojam’s latest track is full of beautiful harmonies, filtered vocals and a healthy dose of reminiscent melancholy. If you want your alt-R&B with a story and a message about growth through darkness, this one’s for you. Even if you’re not on that wave, it’s hard to deny Osmojam’s vocals, especially since they sound like they’d be right at home in the 1990s era of R&B and neo-soul. The artist can sing sing.

Abby Power – “Shades of Blue”

The closing track on Power’s upcoming EP, this one is another “I’m getting out my dreams, even if it may hurt sometimes along the way” sorts of track. The UK-centric artist’s vibes have that inspirational feel to them, that “even if I fall, I’m still going to keep going–better than before” sort of energy. I’m here for it. The beat, produced by Frances, The Mute, allows for Abby to just rap her soul and emotions all over it.

OTC – “How I Roll”

A mix of Afrobeats, traditional UK rap and Christian hip-hop, OTC’s “How I Roll” is one of those sorts of tracks that lives by the adage “something for everyone.” It’s inspirational while also being a bop, it’s driving while also being introspective and it’s religiously steeped while still having a somewhat grounded approach. This one was one of the songs I ran back a few times since the last Quickies, as it’s infectious in its delivery of its message.


A song about sensuality and sex that is less about the act and more about the connection two people share when they engage in that? Yes, sign me up–mainly because anyone can have “sex,” but very few can be intimate physically while also being intimate in other ways with each other. “HTML,” or “How to Make Love,” is the first track I’ve heard from German singer RIIVA and it probably won’t be the last. She knows her way around songwriting that’s deeper than the physical. And I love it because of that.

Shaya Ritchie – “Hurt No More”

“HNM” is one of those tracks that delves into the darker side of cutting people off. However, it’s also about the light at the end of the tunnel. That is, she discusses that there’s a “limit to the pain and suffering” we can go through. In fact, that these experiences exist to bond us together with people who’ve been through similar situations. I love her vocals here, as they’re like a mix between Alicia Keys and Jorja Smith.

C.Henry & EastSideAngelo – “To The Moon”

This one’s like a mix between Swae Lee and The Weeknd. It’s a dreamy instrumental that the duo freestyle ideas about how to show the woman they’re pursuing love and show her that she’s worth it. “To The Moon” may share its name with the Dogecoin phrase but there’s nothing immaterial about this one. It’s real and we can touch it, like love.

Peachkka – “Protection”

Mix Saweetie with protection from negative energy and you’ve got Peachkka’s “Protection.” I try to keep the negativity as far away from me as I can, like Peachkka does. She doesn’t eff with the negative and I’m here for the bass-heavy affirmation she gives us here. Why? Well, it’s simple: I don’t eff with bad vibes. The beat’s hard AF, the lyrics are positive AF and the overall feeling is “we’re not going to deal with the negativity as much in 2022.”

Bloodlyne – “Bloodline”

Zimbabwean singer Bloodlyne delivers a powerful song about his history and heritage, all while channeling his inner Abel Tesfaye on the vocals. I love this one because he’s so proud of who he is and how his history has made him into the man he is now. I also love the production, as it’s futuristic while still being steeped in modern sensibilities. Overall, the song is beautiful, empowering and even has some love song elements within it. It’s one of those multifaceted tracks that you need in your life–in my opinion.

Domine Brishawn – “Red Flags”

Our last Quickie for today comes from Grammy-winning artist Domine Brishawn. “Red Flags” is a simple premise with a masterfully-crafted delivery. We’ve all been there: falling butt-over-teakettle in stupid love and ignoring signs that the person may not be that great for our health in one way or another. This one’s a bit more personal to Brishawn as it has a lot of root in her own personal experiences. They say that you can’t talk about it if you haven’t lived it–and it seems Brishawn has lived it, lived to talk about it and lives to grow and mature each and every day. I love the sound of this one because it’s got a Tyler the Creator meets Anderson.Paak production feel to it.

Happy Monday everyone! I’ll be back later today with new music but check these out and support dope music in all its forms.

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  1. Hey guys, OTC here!

    We just wanted to say a massive Thank-you for your recent blog post regarding our latest single ‘how I roll’.

    Your support means the world and we’re so grateful.

    Please let us know how we ca support you guys as well.

    Gina and OTC


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