SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 20, 2/4/22

It’s Friday, you know what that means (although I’m a bit later than usual). Now that we’re 20 volumes in, you’re probably wondering “what constitutes as a Quickie and what constitutes as a full post?” Quickies are songs I love, but due to time constraints, I can’t craft a full-length review on them. That doesn’t make them less than, by the way. It’s literally a matter of time, and I’m only one of three or so members of the “Speed Force” (as Planet would call us); sometimes I can’t write long posts for everything. That said, let’s get into today’s Quickies.

Vicky Chand – “Got Me”

This one mixes a futuristic, pseudo-neo-soul sound with a Weeknd-like feel and a Bryson Tiller sort of swagger. If that sounds like something that’s intriguing, it definitely is. “Got Me” is one of those dancer-friendly songs because it’s full of bass, twerk-ready moments and an overall “I don’t need you, bruh, but I want you” for women to go off on. Plus, the song’s short, sweet and to the point. It doesn’t overstay itself in your ears, which can lead to you replaying it more often.

Cameron McCloud and Robert Trusko – “Once You’re Satisfied”

I initially came in contact with this duo because of their song “Ghost Indeed.” I liked it, but felt that it was a bit too short. Now, “Once You’re Satisfied” is also here and finished within two minutes. However, the flows exhibited here along with the laidback-but-heavy beat create an atmosphere that is as entrancing as it is intriguing. This one appears on their EP Smile for Me, a shorter EP (it’s three songs that come in around six minutes total), but one that gives us a good look into who they are as artists.

Drww Christopher and OXII – “Fall”

Songs about toxic relationships aren’t exactly new ground to be covered. We have a lot of them. That said, the way artists talk about them can always be a fresh breath. Drww Christopher’s “Fall” is an example of this. Dealing with the ups and downs within his toxic relationship over Drake-esque drums and samples, Christopher’s latest is one of those “well damn, I hope you find peace because you’ve been through it” sorts of songs. It channels Heartbreak Drake-era rap, but in a good way. OXII’s hook reminds me a bit of Carter Marie (and y’all know how much I love her, so that’s high praise).

Sydmac – “Ride Around”

I like this one because it’s got an undeniable vibe to it. It’s a bit lighthearted, but the instrumentation will have you riding right along with the artist. It’s got some heavy NYC vibes to it, specifically Yasiin Bey and Nas in some ways. It’s jazzy and sing-songy but also lyrically sound. That is enough to make me peep this one and keep it in the rotation.

DIE-REK – “Wheel Back, Come Again”

DIE-REK is always an artist I’ll write about whenever his team sends something my way. His latest, “Wheel Back, Come Again,” is another great one. It kind of reminds me of a mix between Little Brother meets Black Thought.

In other words, melodic boombap about pro-Blackness and achieving one’s goals in life. I also love that he spits his lyricism and thoughts in a profound-but-clean sort of way. In other words, you can play this one around your kids or your grandparents but still play it in the car with the boys. I’m also in love with the beat, as it kind of reminds me of that Ludacris song “Growing Pains” (minus the “I Forgot to Be Your Lover” sample) in its approach.

This one, if I were to give out an SOTBMusic Quickies MVP this week, this one would be a contender, if not the winner.


In my non-SOTB life, I work a traditional 9-to-5. However, years ago, my 9-to-5 was more like an 8-to-7. That’s because I never really knew how to say no. That actually led to me leaving one job because I burned myself out. BHōpFul‘s “Okay” feels like it’s speaking to younger SOTB and telling him to “stop stretching yourself so dang thin.” This one feels like it’d be best suited for an Office Space-referencing video, if we’re being honest. It’s a great song and for the workaholics who just want to have a break every so often.

James Bailey – “Ceiling” (featuring Tedy Andreas)

This one is that gritty NYC-era rap, plain and simple. It’s lyrically one of those tracks you need to check out. Sonically, it takes cues from…well, just about everywhere. From 90s rap, film, anime and real-life experiences, this one is as deep as it is a bop. It’s also one of those songs that is all about the artists in question kicking butt and taking names. Check it out and break through the ceiling.

Apollo Mighty and Kennyflowers – “LMSY”

“LMSY” (or “Love Me Some You”) is a mix between Dwele and Miguel, with a bit of Bryson Tiller in there for good measure. “LMSY” is a soulful track, one that is dedicated to that special someone. Since we’re getting close to Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably see a lot of loverman vibes. This is one that has a R&B-meets-blues sort of feel to it. I love it.

Classified – “All About You”

Over a guitar-heavy instrumental, Canadian artist Classified wants you to be happy. He mentions throughout the song that the best way to be happy is to do things that make you happy–not someone else. I love the instrumentation here, since it allows for some laidback-but-serious lyricism while also not beating listeners over the head with a lack of subtlety. The vibes here are “do you, as long as you’re happy and not effed up mentally.” I respect that and because of that, this song is one that’d also be a contender for MVP of the Day.

KyEhLay – “arrangements”

Like DIE-REK’s latest today, KyEhLay’s “arrangements” is also a track that can be played around whomever you want. I think that’s because the Cole-meets-Blu lyricism is non-explicit while still being lyrically impressive. He’s introspective and uses this one to educate those around him about his plight as a teacher/rapper while also just making great music. The Bandcamp version includes a snippet of James Baldwin’s discussions on public education, which helps tie everything together. Because of this, that’s the one I chose to highlight here (especially since it is Bandcamp Friday, after all).

TheFemiFactor – “Highscore”

This song reminds me of a mix between Big KRIT and Drake. It’s full of great harmonies and a bluesy beat (like KRIT). With that, it’s also got that in-your-face, “I’m a GOAT” energy that Drake often gives us. Imagine KRIT when he reminds people he’s definitely in the conversation of the greats of the last 20 years mixed with the commercial bounce of Drake. I think that’s the best way I can describe this one without giving too much away. It’s also one of those “I want to strive for the best” tracks which’d be good in a workout playlist.

cimone – “waves”

I got into this track because of its instrumentation, which utilizes a lot of Eastern sounds. This allows cimone to sing her heart out about moving on and trying to gain closure. She’s ready to improve herself and her state and won’t let anything get in her way from it. I’m here for this one because, while it’s a bit poppier than what I’d typically post about, its message is universal.

Have a good weekend if I don’t write anything tomorrow or Sunday and support dope music in all its forms.

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