Jus.’1 Discusses the Plight of Being a Black Father (and Son) on the Powerful “If I Had a Son”

This one hit me in the chest, mainly because I’ve got two Black boys under 12 of my own and many of my friends have children under 10. As a Black parent–especially of a son–you have to live with some unfortunate things. Some of those things include possibly having to say goodbye to your child on a routine errand and fearing that they may not make it back, either because of the people they know or the people who think they know them. As a parent, the best thing you can do is educate them, help them flourish but also instill in the next generation pride in their Blackness, not disdain or fear of it.

Jus’.1’s “If I Had a Son” delves into all of this–and more–in its short playtime. It also discusses how Jus’ll be different than his own father (something that I’ve had to deal with myself as well). It’s one of those tracks that’ll probably hit you harder if you’re with child or have kids already. But the wisdom he’s putting down, it’s wisdom any good parent should be putting down. Check out the track below and remember to hug your children and make sure they’re proud to be who they are, whoever they are.

Speed on the Beat

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