Otis Fonde Shoots with Two Shots of Incredible Lyricism on “Clarity” and “Keep On Proving Yourself”

Happy Big Game Sunday, everyone. Instead of giving you predictions on the game, I’m here doing what I typically do: supporting dope music in all its forms. I got two new tracks that I had to post about today from a DMV artist carving his own path. Richmond artist Otis Fonde grabbed my attention because he’s got lyrics for days over soulful beats. He kind of sounds like a mix between Lupe and Nipsey with a bit of KRIT on the production side. With that in mind, if you’re looking for gritty-but-conscious hip-hop, “Clarity” and the gospel-esque “Keep On Proving Yourself” should be right up your alley. The visuals for “KOPY” are also pretty solid, as they find him in Richmond, showcasing that he’s different while still being entrenched within the DMV.

He doesn’t really sound like your typical DMV artist and that’s what grabbed my attention at first. He also sounds wise beyond his years, possibly because of his life story and history. The former Tre Live moved from the DMV to Vegas to pursue his dreams, become comfortable with himself and realize his full potential as an artist. I also feel his “double life,” where he worked a traditional 9-to-5 and rapped on the side (as I’m kind of the same way). I applaud any artist who does that, especially if they get he courage to do music full-time. Upon returning to the DMV, Otis Fonde continued his growth as a human and an artist. Overall, I’ve become a fan off the strength of the two songs above. If my analysis has proven to pique your interest, check out his two newest songs and support dope music in all its forms. His album, Clarity, is due out on Friday.

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