On “Young N Reckless,” Baltimore Artist Noso1o Talks About Love

Young Baltimore-based artist Noso1o’s “Young N Reckless” is equal parts autotuned rap about love and soulfully-inclined song about finding love in the 2020s. Now, you know that I’d typically pass on a heavily-autotuned rap track. That’s not because I hate them; put your “old man yells at cloud” memes away. In fact, it’s more so because there are a lot of sites that cover them extensively.

However, there was something about “Reckless” that took ahold of me.

I think it’s the mix between Baltimore hip-hop and Lil Baby-esque vocals that make this one appealing to me. As we’ve seen over the years, Baltimore hip-hop has its own way of doing things. From Tate Kobang to True God to John Wells and everyone in between, there’s something about a Baltimore rapper (even if they don’t sound like a “traditional” Baltimore rap artist) that is gruff, realistic and emotionally raw. We wear our hearts on our sleeves unconditionally and it gives some great music because of it

When you combine that with a more mainstream sound, you get something like “Reckless” and you run with it. Check out the track, which features NYC artist Lav.Lew on parts, below and support dope music in all its forms.

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