MachGang Presents “Never Woke”

What grabbed me about MachGang’s “Never Woke” is that it reminds me of early-era Meek, from the energy to the grittiness to the uplifting-while-still-kicking-ass element of the song. He sent this one to me a couple weeks ago, then again with some changes in the last 24 hours. “Never Woke” is a bombastic sort of song, one that’s hard-hitting but also motivational. It feels like it’s perfect for workout playlists, but also perfect for riding through your city at night getting ready for an adventure. It’s a mix between gritty trap and motivational lyrically-inclined hip-hop, all over a booming beat.

Speaking of the beat, it’s also an important part of this song and why it’s now being featured on SOTB. I originally thought that the mix of the song was slightly off because the beat overpowered the lyrics. On the new mix, Mach toned the thump of the beat down, let the lyrics breathe and it’s a better song for it. Don’t get me wrong: I love thumping beats. I’m an 80s/90s kid, so booming beats are what I grew up on. But the new mix helps the song because you can hear his vocals, rhymes, etc. clearer; this helps the song reach previously unseen heights.

Essentially, if you want something that’s like old Meek mixed with a helping of Cordae’s newfound confidence, this one’s probably going to be your jam. Check out the track from the nineteen-year-old artist below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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