Reza Presents the Motivational “Gotta Get Back”

Sometimes, it takes more than a few listens to fully appreciate a song. I replay each submission I get for SOTBMusic at least twice. Rarely will I decline on a song after the first listen–unless it just moves me that little. With that in mind, I’ve ran this one back quite a few times since I first received it. Each time, Raza’s “Gotta Get Back” got more and more nods out of me. Eventually, I got to the point where I wished that the song was longer because two minutes wasn’t enough. Each time I ran it back, I found the chipmunk sample more and more engaging and Raza’s bars that much more impactful. In other words, it’s a perfect sort of track that you’ll probably play more than once.

“Gotta Get Back” is a song that’s equally about moving up and moving on while also not forgetting where one came from. The production is solid and allows for the California native the chance to speak his truths. The rapper/motivational speaker definitely hit his mark, to me. Check out “Gotta Get Back” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. Also, remember to give a song more than one listen. You never know; your opinions could change after the second or third playthrough.

Speed on the Beat

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