Your Cousin Avi and Swoo Sing About “Fool’s Gold” on Latest Collaboration

DC-based artist Your Cousin Avi cut his musical teeth while singing in Synagogue and experimenting with a variety of genres. From R&B and neo-soul to funk and hip-hop, Avi blends moods and sounds to create something pretty distinct. We get that experimental sound on his latest song “Fool’s Gold,” which features fellow singer Swoo. The track itself reminds me of something you’d hear from a collaboration between Dilla and D’Angelo with a bit of Erykah Badu for good measure. It’s frenetic, emotionally deep and finds the duo seemingly discussing the differences between love, like and lust. Real love is the real thing, while the other two shine and glisten, but they’re ultimately not on the same level. Swoo’s vocals dart throughout the instrumental, adding another level of charm to the song. Avi comes in and out throughout the track. That is, he spends time adding in backing vocals as needed, but also keeps his presence known through the song and its production.

“Fool’s Gold” is slated to appear on Avi’s Asher EP. The EP is due out later this year. If the EP has the same energies as “this,” it’ll be an interesting listen. If you need some funky R&B vibes that don’t exactly sound like the norm, I recommend checking “Fool’s Gold” out below and supporting dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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