SOTBMusic: “For Her” (featuring Blxck Shxggy)

The second I Guess I Lied single is a bit different than my usual singles and the like. For the first time since the “Se Roquel” days, I decided to release a single that showcases the softer side of SOTB, the loverman side of things. Continuing some of the vibes from No Pain No Gain, I decided to make a few songs on this album representative of where I am right now. Featuring Blxck Shxggy, “For Her” is the story of a girl, one who would never cry a river and drown the whole world.

This song has a history, as its instrumental (albeit in a downpitched form) was used for “WSL” from The Love of Gods 2. Before that, the beat was originally going to be a song off of Caviar Dreams and TSL 2. I had the concept and everything, but it just didn’t fit. Fast forward a year and a half since CD and “For Her” became a thing, mainly because there’s been someone who’s been there for me deeply over the last couple years.

Check out the song above and its parent album, I Guess I Lied, on 5/20 and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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