Relaye and Mick Jenkins Present “Waterslide”

Below, we’ve got the latest visuals from Relaye and Mick Jenkins, “Waterslide.” Truthfully, this one’s pretty damn intense visually. It features Relaye battling his creative demons, kind of like a mix between “This is America” mixed with Eminem, blending mainstream-esque sounds with a horror story of trying to be truthful to oneself in the face of what’s cool, what’s popular and what’s going to make you the most money.

I LOVE the visuals, as they feature Relaye playing judge, jury, executioner and defendant in this literal tug-of-war between his selves. I love the lyrics, too, but the visuals help hammer the point home. The whole thing is pretty thought-provoking, especially if you’re also an up-and-coming artist who’s struggling with that idea of “selling out.” Check out the powerful visuals below and support dope music in all its forms. This one appears on Relaye’s debut album Green Shoots, so if you like this one, check that out as well.

Speed on the Beat

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