SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 67, 8/8/22

Happy Monday. If you’re reading this, you made it through another hot AF weekend. Hope you’re keeping hydrated and in good spirits. We’ve got nine (?!) days until Something to Tide You Over, which means we’ve got nine days until I turn 34. Before we get into things, let’s get it out the way now. Stream “Tequila”…

…and “Stay with Me.”

Now that that (even more than usual) gratuitous self-shoutout is out the way, STTYO is a change in some ways. What do I plan to do for my birthday, besides push STTYO? That I don’t know, but I know one thing: I’ll be looking for dope music in all its forms. All the songs in this Quickies are bops. That said, getting into a Quickies playlist is an accomplishment, even if your song isn’t given the whole treatment (review, etc.). I’m pretty selective in what I feature on SOTB, Quickies or otherwise.

That said, let’s get into today’s Extended Quickies (read: a few mini-reviews versus just the playlist). The overarching theme of this Quickies is “love,” from love for another (romantically, familial-like or platonically) to love for oneself (self-love is important, like AYAM gives us on the impressive offering “What I Want,” a throwback to early 2000s R&B with a mix of 2020s R&B for good measure and the in-your-face stylings of DYLYN on the powerful “Liberate Me”) to those unrequited loves that help us grow as people and lovers.

A special example of this is the song “missed calls” from Nephie and Shayla Hamady.

This song has poppier leanings, but when the beat kicks in behind the vocals? It’s a chef’s kiss of emotions. Essentially, we’re left empathizing with the “dang, I loved this person who didn’t love me back” vibes. However, we’re left knowing that they’ll be okay after it’s all said and done. Why? Because of self-love and a value of self-worth over that unrequited love.

Miles Elliot – “Nobody Like You”

“If Heaven was a person, that person would be you,” Miles Elliot sings sweetly on the ballad “Nobody Like You.” I like the production because it doesn’t try to do too much, instead allowing for Elliot’s voice to act as another instrument with the track versus just being him singing over a beat. It’s a throwback to R&B that isn’t just about how hot and wet things are about to get. Don’t get me wrong, that’s got a huge place in R&B, too. Some of my favorite R&B groups from the 90s are the “bad boy” soul singers, like Jodeci, Dru Hill, H-Town, etc. But the whole genre shouldn’t be nothing but that sort of music.

Tracy Lamont – “Watch and See”

Virginian Tracy Lamont finds his way back onto SOTB with the anti-hater/anti-self-doubt anthem “Watch & See.” This one hits because it’s got a rebellious streak along with its “I’m gonna make it regardless” vibes and airs. The track, which features sonnyb., finds Lamont giving us everything that’s resulted from the work he’s put in thus far. I’m excited to see where this one’ll take him.

Elle E.D. – “Mama Said”

A track that’s equally a shoutout to the mothers everywhere and the daughters they’re raising, “Mama Said” is a thumping track of positivity and goodness. I’m here for it, plain and simple, because we need more music that’s uplifting the next generation (as well as the current one[s]). The video’s pretty awesome too as it (above) features throwback visuals and homages while featuring viral star Zoey Zanai.

9m88 – “Love is So Cruel”

A few weeks back, I featured 9m88’s “Whatchu Gonna…?” on a volume of Quickies. Her latest track, “Love is So Cruel” has a mix of Amy Winehouse and jazz vocalist Lyn going for it. And yes, I’m referring to the Lyn from the Persona 5 metaseries (she’s got an amazing voice that the P5 series only scratches the surface on–which is wild to think about because she absolutely owned songs like “Life Will Change”). “Love” is one of those songs that details how a breakup can feel like coming down off a momentous high. It also explains how a breakup can feel like going into a bad trip. It’s cruel and sometimes makes you swear the stuff off entirely for a while. However, with enough control, maturation and moderation, anyone can find love. This one appears on 9m88’s 9m88 Radio project, which also dropped today (check it out, for sure).

Saynave – “Will’s Power”

I included this one on Friday’s Quickies’ playlist. However, Saynave’s EP Stay Connected dropped and he had a few songs that I really rocked with on that project. This is obviously one of them. “Will’s Power” is a deep dive into the possible psyche of Will Smith, post-Slap. Given Smith’s reemergence and apologies to the Rock family and others, it’s an interesting look at how “being the avatar of Black excellence” can be exhausting, especially when you feel that urge, every so often, to lose your composure. Not saying the slap was called for, nor am I saying the joke was called for. It’s an event that happened that everyone involved had to feel repercussions from.

Nazzy the Mic – “Sea and Sky”

Nazzy the Mic first popped on my radar with an unreleased track. A few months later, the teenaged Philly melodic rapper is back with the Mizxy Slime-aided “Sea and Sky,” which features the duo discussing love, the process of getting it and the process of keeping it. It’s a solid track, one that grabbed me beyond its melodic rap leanings.

ReSrface – “Fly (Alright)”

I like this one because it’s got an old-school Wiz Khalifa/Logic sort of feel to it. A song about looking for the love and life, even in the darkness, “Fly” is lyrically sound, production-wise sound and an overall great introduction to who ReSrface is as an artist. When he’s on, to me, he’s on.

Mic Emoji – “Shine Together”

A song about knowing the strength of others, Mic Emoji’s melodic rap/contemporary R&B offering finds Mic singing about working together and, well, “shining together.” It’s a feel-good track that has a lot to offer, especially if you’re a lion among the sheep. What I mean is that we’ve all got to work together to achieve greatness and channel our inner royalty and kick some ass.

These are just a sampling of the greatness we’ve got in this volume of Quickies. If these songs pique your interests, check out the playlist above and support dope music in all its forms.

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