Adrien Lamont Says “Out the Way” to the Naysayers

Featuring a slowed and edited version of Alus’ “Wig!” instrumental, rapper Adrien Lamont provides another “I’m feeling myself” anthem. However, what makes this one special is that Lamont does so in a way that reminds us that all the glory (regardless of how shiny we are in the physical) ultimately goes to God. Without Him, nothing is possible, Lamont advises through the song. Things could’ve gone left for Lamont a bunch of times. That said, because of perseverance and his faith, Lamont was able to make it out of dire situations.

The song doesn’t feel like your older brother’s CHH song, though.

That’s because it’s got a swagger to it. The bars are impressive and layered, while still being clean. Plus, the joint’s got a heavy bounce to it. In other words, you can include this one in your playlists without it sticking out–while still getting your praise going. This one appears on Lamont’s Not for Nothing project, which features and keeps that same energy. If you’re feeling this one, check out the parent project and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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