SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 68, 8/12/22

Updated 8:14 PM, 8/12/22.

Today’s Quickies will be dedicated to living one’s best life.

Living one’s best life can be achieved in a lot of ways.

For starters, you can do so by “pulling up” on the person you’re with and showing them the world, bringing 90s R&B to mind. One shining instance of this is Kam’Geez’ sensual and silky “Pull Up.” Another one is the drink-and-chill anthem “Shot O’ Clock” by Kris Hollis. I like “Shot” because it reminds me of 2000s R&B with a modern twist (that isn’t just a sample of a 2000s rap/R&B song). I like “Pull Up” because it does have a sample/interpolation, but manages to make everything its own.

You can also live your best life by bossing up and enjoying love and growth. Examples here are seen in bunches. For example, we’ve got Nia Kay and Sonta’s “Trust Me,” which sounds like a nice mix between DeJ Loaf and Coi Leray while still maintaining a healthy dose of individualism and independence.

Another one is Noa James’ “Sweet Love.” “Sweet” is a silky track that brings to mind to Big KRIT circa DRDD. He manages to do this while also features a chorus that reminds me of KRIT’s “Pay Attention” Cadillactica.

Thirdly, we’ve got Midmay’s “Bordeaux,” a song that reminds me of Hall and Oates with its harmonies, while still being about growth and maturation. Fourthly, we’ve got “Away from Here” from Speech Debelle and Baby Sol, a track that’s about finding peace in a hectic world. I especially like this one because of its honesty with regards to desire to get away from the things holding you down/holding you back.

Next, we’ve got Bby Shea’s “Best Way,” a chill-and-romantic-lo-fi track that finds the artist describing the “cute, sweet and innocent initial ‘dating phase'” while also seeking more than just someone to chill with from time to time. Lastly (at least for the written aspect), we’ve got an interesting cover of “Aint No Sunshine” by Connor Terrones and Mxlcxlm Z. What’s highly interesting is that it finds the duo combining blues, jazz and boombap. The end result is something that’s a version of the Bill Withers song that’s all its own.

With that in mind, you can even achieve your best life just by rapping one’s butt off and just living the best life through the bars and preserving the sanity of oneself. A few songs that come to mind instantly for this “best life” are as such. First, we have Volz and Larry Mulvin’s jazz-rap homage to rap’s roots “Proud of Me.” Then, on a slightly other side of the spectrum, we get the slightly-trippy, highly-experimental visuals and sounds of DUDETUNES on the song “Swingset,” which features Dr. Bruce Juice and talks about telling one’s younger self to not make certain mistakes (such as becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol).

Thirdly, we’ve got Vinny Lunar’s “Jumpin’.” This one features Lunar on the vocals and Low Beams on the beat, bouncing around on an electro-funk-meets-contemporary-rap vibe. The point is to make sure that they’re not going to lose themselves to toxicity, other people’s thoughts of them and so on. Instead, they opt to “jump out the car before it’s too late.” Fourthly, we’ve got the booming, boombap sounds of Chuck Brown and High Sunday on “Put it On (Redux).”

Fifthly, we’ve got the trunk-rattling-but-bar-heavy stylings of Brando Bambino and Planet Asia on the incredible “F-16s.” This is a track that harkens back to the 90s and early 2000s but feels very fresh in its lyrics, approach and overall sound.

Sixthly, we’ve got “punchy grown-up hip-hop” in the form of Sareem Poems’ “Ain’t No Time.” “Time” is a beautiful track that features Sareem and Madi saying something very important. That is, live in the moment and that “what you choose to do with the time you have now is most important.”

Next up is frequent SOTBMusic feature Moka Only with the chill “Over the Top Feelings.” This one’s actually a throwback that’s brand new. That is, it’s part of Moka Only’s previously-unreleased discography that now is here for us to enjoy. “OTT” finds Moka chilled and still spitting truths, knowledge and good vibes throughout.

As is the case with Moka, Quickies wouldn’t be complete without some returning artists. One of which is Jeopardy J on the conscious melodic tune “Dreaming,” which finds the NC rapper speaking on his upbringing and dreaming big, even when the world would rather keep you small. I like this one especially because of its subject matter. Same with songs like Booker J.’s “More.”

Lastly (again, just for the writing aspect), we’ve got Atlasmusic resigning from the BS with his “Resignation Letter.” This one grabbed me for one reason: Atlasmusic has submitted several songs to me. This one is one that hits in every way I wanted and needed it to at the moment. The brother also has some solid bars in his discography.

Life is funny. That’s because, even when you’re moving away from those who’d cause you pain, you sometimes find ways to grow and show out, as detailed in Lil Bean’s melodic-meets-conscious rap track “Judas.”

All in all, we’ve got some great songs in this UberQuick Quickies. I’m going to do the thing and support dope music in all its forms. If you catch me out in the next week-plus, say hey. I’ll be celebrating my birthday for the next week or so, so I’ll be in good spirits with some good spirits (read: several shots of “TEQUILA TEQUILA!”). As always, getting into Quickies is always awesome even if there’s not much said in some reviews. I’m pretty dang selective with what graces my earholes, after all.

I’ll holla!

Speed on the Beat

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