Score|Swayze Channels Griselda and Curren$y on Act III: Giuseppe

Above, we’ve got the latest from SOTBMusic regular, Baltimore artist/gamer and all-around dope guy Score|Swayze. Act III starts off with a mafioso rap-esque intro, “The Score” and then descends into lyrical madness and all-around dopeness. My fellow Leo, as Swayze’s celebrating a birthday on Monday (consider this one my birthday present to my “Quarantine Brings Creativity” costar), has a five-track EP. Said EP is a solid addition to the discography which features Swayze cementing what I’ve known for years:

One of my favorites off the project is the “City of Gah Tew,” which features Bobby Woody. Overall, the project is dope AF. However, that one grabs you and says “lissen to this [EP]” on some Drumma Boy ish. For this one to be Swayze’s seventh installment in his ongoing SCU (Swayze Cinematic Universe) series, everything feels fresh and brand-new. We even get some looks into who Swayze was coming up, before he adopted the name. An example of that is “Udi,” which features bars but also features Swayze talking about the old Westview Mall movies, Caldor and a lot of Baltimore-area old haunts.

I’m not going to give a review of every track, but know that this one is fire emojis throughout. Check it out above and support dope music in all its forms–especially if they’ve previously gotten the SOTB cosign.

Speed on the Beat

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