Theo Tams Kicks Back and Tries to Slow Things Down on “Kick Back”

Theo Tams has been on my radar and the SOTB site a few times over the last couple months. His latest, “Kick Back,” is a mix of contemporary R&B and pop, in a way that’s not really like anything else–but also feels very familiar. Topic-wise, Tams is in is zone, reflecting on the beginnings of a relationship and the repercussions overthinking will bring about. Instead, on this one, we get Tams taking a more chilled approach to love and like.

One of the lines that sticks out to me appeared in the promo for this one: “Don’t wanna give too much away, don’t wanna show my card just yet.” I’ve been there, most recently about a year or so ago with the woman who saved me. I was fresh out of a faltering relationship with someone who I’d grown up with and was a bit apprehensive of letting everything go, verbally, in the favor of my current situation. I just love the honest on this one. As the promo said, “this song is a reminder to show up and be yourself, trusting in the knowledge that the right person will love the magic you have to offer.”

And I’ve found that several times over the years, in varying levels of success relationship-wise.

Check out the song above and support dope music in all its forms.\

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