Tony C Presents “Recess”

On a beat that sounds like a mix between a 1990s cartoon theme and a Chance the Rapper instrumental, rapper Tony C darts around the beat and makes it be known that he’s not switching up for anyone or anything. I also love the positivity on the song, as Tony just “can’t stop smiling” even when things seem a bit downtrodden. Sonically, the track slightly reminds me of a Chance track, mainly because of the blend of gospel-esque vocals and rapped lyrics. While I expected a few more TJ Detwiler and Gus Griswold references peppered throughout the song, the song itself is still pretty…tender (sorry, I had to).

Overall, it’s one of those songs that’ll get stuck with you for a bit because of its catchy nature. That much is a given. However, it’s also a song that will stick with you for a while because of its positivity and uniqueness. I’m always here for some rap that switches up a bit from the traditional 16 bars–even if I don’t always post about it. That said, this one does that but also manages to have some slick punchlines and bars intertwined within it. In other words, it’s the perfect type of track for this nice Wednesday weather. Check “Recess” out below, link up with those who bring you joy, and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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