Jake Haze Discusses The Immigrant Experience on the Heavy “American Dreams”

Honduran-American artist Jake Haze channels his inner Freddie Gibbs to discuss the plight and struggle he’s seen. He’s also peeling back layers of the so-called American Dream, especially when it pertains to minorities. For people who specifically have to deal with racism and racial constructs because they’re Black or Brown, things aren’t exactly always cut and dry. Sometimes, you’ve got to struggle in order to make end’s meet. Hell, sometimes you’ve got to struggle for the chance to break even. Sometimes, it doesn’t come and you’re left wondering “what’s next?” I felt this one in my soul, even though my family has been in America for several generations.

“American Dreams” is one of those powerful songs, as it speaks to those who aren’t rich and White. It does so and tells them that “even though things get hard, we’ve been blessed to be able to fight against the negativity and prosper in our own way.” I liked this one, especially because of the production on it. The lyrics were top-tier as well, and the flow is very emotionally-charged. You’d have a hard time not being invested in what Haze’s speaking about.

If you want first-hand discussions on how some treat those who come to the U.S. for a chance at a better life, check this one out below and support dope music in all its forms.

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