Eunice Keitan Says “No More Secrets”

I got introduced to “No More Secrets” in the following manner. The artist said that her song was as if “Hiatus Kaiyote and Nujabes were to write a song together.” Seeing as I love what Nujabes did for hip-hop and given that I’ve become more familiar with Hiatus Kaiyote’s work, I checked out the song.

The track pays homage to a famous Guzheng piece, “The Night Outside the Window,” that finds its roots dating back to the Song Dynasty. The song also takes a look at what it means to go through life as a visible minority. Given that the past few years have been hard for Asian people due to racist beliefs, I’m here for this one. Granted, things have been hard for everyone who wasn’t an obscenely rich white man (as a Black man, I can attest to this). However, especially because of the pandemic, things got harder for Asians worldwide.

This song will appear on Keitan’s upcoming EP, which is supported by the Toronto Arts Council. Color me excited for it, mainly because it seems to be a pretty impactful project. For now, check out “No More Secrets” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. Also, don’t be racist; it hinders everyone.

Speed on the Beat

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