MoeSOS DC’s “too late…” Speaks on His Harsh Childhood

Above, we’ve got the latest from North Carolina-by-way-of-Washington, DC artist MoeSOS DC. “too late” features the rhymesayer reflecting on the harsh realities of his childhood. The couplet that stood out to me went “Sorry your honor, I was never on a roll/(G)uns, (P)istols, (A)utomatics only GPA I’ve known.” Not all of us have been in MoeSOS’s shoes. Hell, even with the craziness of my life, I’ve still never had to handle a gun (and don’t plan to, honestly). But it’s the reality for some of us.

You’re probably wondering “Speed, why highlight this song when you’re preaching nonviolence on the SOTB site.” It’s because it speaks on those harsh realities in a way that’s honest. However, it also cautions the next generation about the traumas that come with being about that life. The song is full of lyrics that are pretty thought-provoking while MoeSOS floats over a melancholy production. All in all, it’s a perfect track for the site. Check it out above and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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