Neptune’s Glow Says ‘Time Will Tell’ on New Album

Neptune’s Glow is a Montrealan artist. His latest project, Time Will Tell, mostly deals with a breakup over soul samples. I feel that, mainly because I once did a breakup album with soul samples (and no, you will never hear it–for various reasons). I also feel this one because it’s just good music.

On songs like “Bad” and “The Least You Can Do,” we get anger, sadness and a bunch of emotions. Throughout the project, the young artist works through his feelings, his breakup and eventually tries to come out the other side better than ever. It’s a project that I won’t talk too much about, but just know that this one is for all of us who’ve been through wonky breakups and want to talk through it.

Remember: artists are people, too. We feel, sometimes too much. And with all those feelings, we’ve sometimes got to let them out. Otherwise, we’ll overthink and implode.

Check out the project below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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