Nani Layilaa Presents the Groovy “Tread Lightly”

A song from Layilla’s Rooted II project, “Tread Lightly” is a “groovy ‘in my elevation era’ post breakup tune.” I love the laidback nature of it all. I also love how Nani talks her ish and lets it be known that this is her time and she’s not going to waste it for any person who doesn’t deserve it. She also mentions that the hook has a line dance sort of feel to it. And as a Black person in my mid-30s (?!), I love me some line dances–though I still haven’t been able to get the “Cuff It” Challenge downpat. Anyhow, before I get into my Electric Slide bag and look like the “back in my day” uncle at the family function, check out the song below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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2 thoughts on “Nani Layilaa Presents the Groovy “Tread Lightly”

    1. Hi Stefon, thanks for asking. For artists I am unfamiliar with, you may submit to me via SubmitHub at If I really rock with the project, I will discuss it. If I like a certain song, I’ll discuss that. Of course, there’s the chance that your music may not resonate as well, but I’ll let you know WHY it didn’t versus just saying “hey, this is mid” or something like that.


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