Heron Rana Sings About the Importance of “Women” on New Songs

Heron Rana’s latest song is a neo-soul offering that finds the California native singing about the love between women. It speaks on the how women, when together, can grow, prosper, solve problems together and even love together. The song features on Rana’s In All Her Glory EP, which is dedicated to songs about women and non-binary people. I love her vocals here, as well as the message.

I’ve also had the chance to check out her previously-released song “Girlfriends.”

“Girlfriends” is about women who got betrayed by the same man. However, they do something great. Instead of hating each other or accusing each other of being “hoes” and all that stuff, they join together. Through this unity and shared experience, they both realize that their unity is “more valuable than what a man can offer…or take away.” I love this energy because we do need more unity between women. We also need more empowering songs for women. Your “scam this guy/treat this dude like a loser because my [kitty] is like Aquafina and he don’t deserve it” gets repetitive. Anywho, check out the two tracks and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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