VEVO and Chuck D Present a Look Behind “Fight the Power”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that hip-hop celebrates its official 50th birthday this year. Along with all the glitz, glamour and pomp and circumstance we’ll get, we can’t move forward without knowing our past. VEVO is partnering with legendary acts to dig a bit deeper into some of their biggest and brightest songs. The first of these collaborations is with Chuck D of Public Enemy to discuss the making of “Fight the Power.”

Here’s what Chuck D had to say about the visuals, the song and hip-hop:

Hip Hop turning 50 means that there can be no doubt, no argument, no ignorance about its consequence in the world. Back when PE was coming up, it was in the days before social media. Videos were the only way to connect with hip hop fans around the world. They delivered songs in a full package of sight, sound, story and style. A truly underrated art form. Vevo keeps that connection solid, not only for us but for hip hop artists from every corner of the globe. Here’s to the next 50.”

Hip-hop was, is and will continue to be a window into Black America as well as into music as a whole. Check out this incredible collaboration below and support dope music in all its forms

Speed on the Beat

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