Jae Skeese Has “Million Dollar Dreams”

Fresh off his collaborative effort with Conway the Machine, Jae Skeese returns with his Abolished Uncertainties project. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I knew I’d get a ton of lyrical rap about life and it realities. In a few words, it’s that gritty late-2010s NYC hip-hop over smooth and sometimes minimalistic beats that allow you to focus more on the storytelling, wordplay, etc.

On “Million Dollar Dreams,” Jae tells us a bit about his come-up and how he’s not satisfied with just coming up. I love that sort of ambition. Why settle when there are various ways to continue your growth?

As he notes, DSPs and some other music-related endeavors only pay pennies on the dollar. Therefore, making your million dollar dreams come try completely off them? It’s not exactly realistic. That’s why smart artists have multiple dreams/aspirations/sources of revenue. Liked I mentioned, Jae’s storytelling is great here. That’s because it also details ways that he’s trying to—and will eventually—make his dreams a reality. If you like this one, I recommend checking out its parent project and doing what we do. Support dope music in all its forms, that is.

Speed on the Beat

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