Chash Says It’s “Nice To Meet Me” on New Song

Chash introduced himself as a Mac Miller-like rapper with a Marcie-from-Peanuts (though I always just said “Snoopy” versus what the strip was actually called) profile picture. I think that kind of fits his whole aura. Smart, but not overbearing. Confident in his abilities, but not cocky. On top of that, the brother can spit. Over three minutes, Chash channels artists like Mac and even a pinch of Tyler in terms of the lo-fi-ness of the whole thing. The track, “Nice To Meet Me,” is a defiant “hey, I’m here” to those who seemingly dismissed him on the path. Plus, the beat is fire (especially the outro) and it allows Chash to rap his a** off. This is the second song on his LET CHASH SPIT EP, which finds the somewhat mysterious rhymesmith, well, spitting bars and letting people in, slowly but surely, to his world of mellow boombap that’d also be perfect for a smoke session. Check out the track (and its parent EP) below and support dope music in all its forms. You’ll thank me.

Speed on the Beat

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