Bryson Cole Asks “Who Do You Call?”

A track that’s equal parts J. Cole and Graduation-era Kanye, “Who Do You Call” is a song about having a support system in a time of need. The thing that really grabs you is how the beat and mood switches up about a third of the way in.

It goes from conscious rap with a bit of a bounce to contemplative hip-hop that’s deeply introspective. Honestly? This is the type of music I love to post about: thought-provoking hip-hop that isn’t afraid to rip off facades. I love that type of rap. Admittedly, I’m biased towards the style since, you know, I also strive to do that with my mental health-conscious raps. That said, the song’s a beautifully melancholy recollection of ideas and thoughts about what makes us human–and how those human qualities can either make or break you. Essentially, you can’t go at it alone (nor should you try). You’re only as strong as the people you get to surround yourself with. If you have no one who’s going to tough it out with you, you won’t get far. Life be lifing way too much to be a lone wolf (I learned that the hard way).

I suggest you check this one out (as well as its live performance), support dope music in all its forms and check in on your people, let them know you’re there for them and actually be there for them.

Speed on the Beat

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