Romi Chase Presents the Poignant “Whiskey on the Rocks”

Point blank period, this song spoke to me. A song that speaks on the struggles of women, specifically those who’ve been taken advantage of, “Rocks” is a tough listen but it’s worth it. I love the bravery that comes through in the song. I appreciate its brutal honesty, never shying away from those tough moments. Additionally, Romi Chase’s vocals are great and the songwriting component is also top-tier. It’s soulful, honest and still has some hope to the scenarios presented.

All things considered, this is a song everyone (regardless of you being a man or woman) should listen to and take it to heart. We’ve got to protect women, not treat them like objects. I’m not perfect, but I do respect women, plain and simple. My mother raised me, some of my closest friends are women and, as I’ve also been taken advantage of, I empathize with victims of these completely messed up situations. The sad thing is that this story is one that many of us know all too well. Check it out below, support dope music in all its forms and remember: respect women, their bodies and their wishes. Don’t be a piece of crap who thinks you’re “entitled” to them.

Speed on the Beat

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