maderanged Presents “nineplusone”

Usually, if a beat doesn’t get me in the mood to write, I’ll pass on it. Yes, that’s even if the bars are tight AF. However, indie artist maderanged’s “nineplusone” is the exception to the rule. The beat isn’t bad; it’s just not what I typical write about. That said, the brother has big BARS. Flow and lyric-wise, he reminds me of JID mixed with Kendrick Lamar. For me, that’s especially true because both made and Kendrick employ a sort of “strained creaky voice” flow/inflection to put emphasis on a bar or a segment of a song. It works damn well here, so well that the bars completely overshadow my “it’s cool” feelings about the beat.

The song itself feels partly like a vent. That’s mainly because it is set up like, as made said, “little diary tracks.” It’s also partly a story of a man who’s just trying to come to terms with life (and how it be lifing). The Baltimore-based, East African-born artist really has my attention now and, honestly, I’m going to be sure to keep up with him as he grows and matures. Check out “nineplusone” and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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